Exchange Fund balance sheet – Half-yearly Exchange Fund balance sheet

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Output Fields (JSON) Swagger Format
Name Type Unit Of Measure Description
end_of_monthDateAs at end of
Year and Month in ISO format yyyy-mm, For example, 1997-01
unaudited_figuresStringUnaudited figures
assets_cash_money_at_callNumberHK$ millionAssets
Cash and money at call
assets_pla_bank_oth_fi_institNumberHK$ millionAssets
Placements with banks and other financial institutions
assets_investmentsNumberHK$ millionAssets
assets_fixed_assetsNumberHK$ millionAssets
Fixed assets
assets_other_assetsNumberHK$ millionAssets
Other assets
assets_totalNumberHK$ millionAssets
liab_cert_of_indebtNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Certificates of indebtedness2
liab_gov_iss_curr_notesNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Government-issued currency notes and coins in circulation2
liab_banking_system_balNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Balance of the banking system
liab_ef_bills_notes_issNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Exchange Fund Bills and Notes issued3
liab_other_institNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Placements by other institutions4
liab_pla_bank_oth_fi_institNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Placements by banks and other financial institutions4
liab_govfunds_statubodiesNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Placements by HKSAR government funds and statutory bodies4
liab_fiscal_resvNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Placements by Fiscal Reserves5
liab_subsidiariesNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Placements by subsidiaries
liab_otherNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
Other liabilities
liab_totalNumberHK$ millionLiabilities
fund_equityNumberHK$ millionFund equity


1. The balance sheets comprise the accounts of the Exchange Fund only and do not include those of the subsidiary companies.
2. Starting from January 2005, "Certificates of Indebtedness" and "Government-issued currency notes and coins in circulation" are stated at cost, which is the Hong Kong dollar equivalent of the US dollars required for their redemption at the exchange rate ruling at the balance sheet date. As a result, the figures for "Certificates of Indebtedness" and "Government-issued currency notes and coins in circulation" on the balance sheet are different from those shown in the Currency Board Account (Table 8.3) which represent the Hong Kong dollar face value.
3. Starting from January 2005, in accordance with the generally accepted accounting practice in Hong Kong, for the purpose of balance sheet presentation Exchange Fund Bills and Notes held as assets of the Exchange Fund are applied to offset the corresponding liabilities. As a result, the figure for "Exchange Fund Bills and Notes issued" on the balance sheet is smaller than that shown in the Currency Board Account (Table 8.3).
4. Starting from October 2000, "Placements by other institutions" has been broken down into "Placements by banks and other financial institutions" & "Placements by HKSAR government funds and statutory bodies".
5. Starting from December 2009, "Placements by other HKSAR government funds" has been changed to "Placements by Fiscal Reserves".

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