About HKMA's API

The HKMA embraces the development and application of Open API. While promoting the wide adoption of Open API by the banking industry in Hong Kong, the HKMA sets an example by launching Open API on its official website.

152 sets of information covering all financial data and important information published on the HKMA's website have been made available for Open API, providing a convenient way for users to retrieve information from the HKMA's website.

The use of API is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use which apply to this site.

First-time user? Learn more about HKMA's API and types of information you can access here at API documentation.


  • User friendly: No application, registration or certification is required for using the Open API offered by the HKMA's website. It is also free of charge. In order to facilitate users, examples illustrating how to write simple program to retrieve each set of relevant information and data through Open API are provided.

  • Efficient and convenient: Automatic update of information after a one-off programming exercise.

  • Promoting innovation: Consolidation of different information in a more flexible way for the development of new applications.

To learn more, please watch the introductory video on HKMA's API.

Transcript (PDF File, 15KB)