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Output Fields (JSON) Swagger Format
Name Type Unit Of Measure Description
end_of_monthDateAs at end of
Year and Month in ISO format yyyy-mm, For example, 1997-01
mb_cert_of_indebtNumberHK$ millionMonetary Base
Certificates of Indebtedness
mb_gov_notes_coins_cirNumberHK$ millionMonetary Base
Government-issued currency notes and coins in circulation
mb_efbn_issuedNumberHK$ millionMonetary Base
Exchange Fund Bills and Notes issued1,2,3
mb_interest_payable_efnNumberHK$ millionMonetary Base
Interest payable on Exchange Fund Notes
mb_bal_bank_systemNumberHK$ millionMonetary Base
Balance of the banking system
mb_net_accNumberHK$ millionMonetary Base
Net accounts (receivable)/payable1,2,4
mb_totalNumberHK$ millionMonetary Base
ba_invest_usd_assetsNumberHK$ millionBacking Assets
Investment in designated US$ assets
ba_interest_receivable_usd_assetsNumberHK$ millionBacking Assets
Interest receivable on designated US$ assets
ba_net_accNumberHK$ millionBacking Assets
Net accounts receivable/(payable)5
ba_totalNumberHK$ millionBacking Assets
backing_ratioNumber%Backing Ratio6


1. Discount Window Operations involve Hong Kong dollar overnight advances made to banks by way of crediting their accounts maintained with the HKMA (which is part of the balance of the banking system) on discounting Exchange Fund Bills and Notes and other eligible paper. In accordance with generally accepted accounting practice, the Exchange Fund Bills and Notes discounted with the HKMA are not accounted for as reductions in the liabilities of the HKMA but are regarded as securities held against the advances so made. For the purpose of this Account, the advances to banks secured on Exchange Fund Bills and Notes are shown as deductions in arriving at the Monetary Base.
2. Exchange Fund Bills and Notes issued on tender date but not yet settled are included in "Exchange Fund Bills and Notes issued". For the purpose of this Account, the corresponding accounts receivable are shown as deductions in arriving at the Monetary Base.
3. Starting from 1 April 1999, interest payments on Exchange Fund Bills and Notes have been allowed to increase the amount of outstanding Exchange Fund papers.
4. Starting from June 2001, Hong Kong dollar interest rate swaps have been used as a means to manage the cost of issuing Exchange Fund Notes. For the purpose of this Account, interest payable/(receivable) and revaluation losses/(gains) on these interest rate swaps are shown as a component of the Monetary Base.
5. This represents the net amount of receivable and payable for unsettled transactions of investments and issuance/redemption of Certificates of Indebtedness.
6. The backing ratio is defined as the ratio between the market value of the Backing Portfolio and the market value of the Monetary Base.

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url: '',
alert('results found:'+ data.result.datasize)

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import urllib.request
url = ''
with urllib.request.urlopen (url) as req:
print (

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