Analysis of foreign currency reserve assets

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Output Fields (JSON) Swagger Format
Name Type Unit Of Measure Description
end_of_monthDateAs at end of
Year and Month in ISO format yyyy-mm, For example, 1997-01
fc_ra_exchange_fundNumberUS$ millionForeign currency reserve assets
Exchange Fund
fc_ra_land_fundNumberUS$ millionForeign currency reserve assets
Land Fund
fc_ra_totalNumberUS$ millionForeign currency reserve assets
fc_ra_per_capitaNumberUS$Foreign currency reserve assets per capita1
fc_ra_months_retained_imports_goodsNumberNo. of monthsForeign currency reserve assets in terms of months of retained imports of goods2
ratio_fc_ra_to_cicNumberRatio of foreign currency reserve assets to currency in circulation


1. Per capita figure is calculated based on provisional population figure as at end-2018 (figure is subject to revision when updated population figure is available).
2. Figures are calculated based on past 12 months average of retained imports of goods (retained imports figures for 2018 are estimates and subject to revision).
* Figures for Dec 1993 shown above reflect accounting policies adopted in 1994. Figures for prior years have not been restated.
@ Figures for Dec 1994 shown above reflect accounting policies adopted in 1995. Figures for prior years have not been restated.
+ As from October 1997, the foreign currency assets have been adjusted to exclude the loans extended to Thailand under the financing package organised by the International Monetary Fund.

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url: '',
alert('results found:'+ data.result.datasize)

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import urllib.request
url = ''
with urllib.request.urlopen (url) as req:
print (

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