Capital adequacy

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Output Fields (JSON) Swagger Format
Name Type Unit Of Measure Description
end_of_quarter Date As at end of period
Year and Month in ISO format yyyy-mm, For example, 2019-09
com_eqt_t1cap_ratio Number % Capital adequacy ratios1,2
Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio
t1cap_ratio Number % Capital adequacy ratios1,2
Tier 1 capital ratio
total_cap_ratio Number % Capital adequacy ratios1,2
Total capital ratio
leverage_ratio Number % Leverage ratio1,2,3


1. Figures cover all locally incorporated authorized institutions.
2. Ratios are computed on a consolidated basis.
3. The data have been available since 2018.

API Examples

Javascript Example

url: '',
alert('results found:'+ data.result.datasize)

Python Example

import urllib.request
url = ''
with urllib.request.urlopen (url) as req:
print (

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